Biographical note: Klaus Peter Follak

Klaus Peter Follak
MA ( law ), MA ( economics ), Dr. ( law )

Work experience: various functions with international banks: head of funding transactions including collaterlised funding & covered bonds ( on/off balance, synthetic ), project mgr. Basel II, head of legal & regulatory affairs, head of planning, product development, risk management and international coordination, assets & liabilities mgmt., asset sales & acquisitions, group financial structures, negotiating participations and setting up subsidiary companies.

Community: Member of German Joint Working Group on Banking Regulation ( banking industry / Deutsche Bundesbank / BAFin )
Member of Committee on Banking Regulation, Assoc. of German Pfandbrief Banks
Advisor on banking regulation and implementation of mortgage banking to several Central and Eastern European Authorities / governments, including PHARE projects
Member of Round Table European Real Estate collateral
Frequent publications with a focus on international financial services regulation