Biographical note: Syue-Ming Yu

Adjunct Professor of Law, National Taiwan University (NTU); concurrently Adjunct Professor of Law, Soochow University (Taipei) and Chair Professor, Ming Chuan University College of Law

LLB National Taiwan University (1963)
LLM (1965) & J.S.D. (1968) University of California, Berkeley
Served as Associate Professor of Law, NTU (1968-1971)
Counsel, Asian Development Bank (1971-1979)
Executive Vice President, Export-Import Bank (Taiwan) (1979-1991)
Professor of Law, NTU (1991-2003)
Justice of the Constitutional Court (Taiwan) (2003-2007)
Who served part time as adviser, SEC (Taiwan) (1969-1971,1979-2003)
Chairman of the Board, Securities and Future Institute (1990-1992)
member of the Board of Directors, Bank of Taiwan (2001-2003)
Author of (in Chinese): Securities Regulation (1971, 1983); Securities and Exchange Law (1985 1st ed., 2016 5th ed.); Comparative Pension Funds Law (2001)