Johannesburg Conference

10 August 2016


Since the last Conference of the ILA, held in Washington DC, USA, in 2014, the Committee (generally known by its acronym, MOCOMILA) has held four meetings: in Vienna, Austria (19-20 September 2014), Beijing, China (9-10 April 2015), Berlin, Germany (4-5 September 2015), and Athens, Greece (3-4 June 2016).

The subjects of the foregoing meetings and other topics discussed by the Committee are reflected in the following sections of this report.

I. An Early History of MOCOMILA (by Mr L Buchheit)

II. Ethics in Finance: A Progress Report (by Mr T Baxter)

III. Decided cases in London and New York (by Sir Ross Cranston)

IV. The Operation of the European Banking Union: Institutional Developments (July 2014 - March 2016) (by Professor C Gortsos)

V. Payments Recent Developments: Virtual Currencies (by Professor B Geva)

VI. The East African Community Monetary Union (by Professor A Mugasha)

VII. Crowdfunding in International and National Regulatory Frameworks (by Dr K P Follak)

This report reflects the views of the individual members and not necessarily those of any institutions with which they are affiliated.

Working session, 10 August 2016 (PDF, 165 KB)