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Sydney Conference

19 August 2018


Since the last Conference of the ILA, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in August 2016, the Committee (generally known by its acronym, MOCOMILA) has held two meetings: in London, England (6-7 July 2017), and Barcelona, Spain (18-19 May 2018).

The subjects of the foregoing meetings and other topics discussed by the Committee are reflected in the following sections of this report.

I. Judicial Control of ECB Monetary Policy (by Mr B Krauskopf)

II. Finalization of Basel III (by Mr E Fernandez-Bollo)

III. Addressing Corruption: Enhanced IMF Engagement (by Mr S Hagan)

IV. Regulatory Developments Related to the European Banking Union (2016-2018) (by Professor C Gortsos)

V. Cross-Border Resolution (by Dr E H├╝pkes)

VI. The Emerging International Law of Sovereign Debt Restructuring - Recent Developments (by Professor R Bismuth)

VII. Recent Developments in Sovereign-Debt Restructuring (by Mr M Jewett)

VIII. Moving to a "Direct Delivery" Model for the UK's High-Value Payment System (by Ms S Branch)

IX. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) Tokenized Schemes - An Overview (by Professor B Geva)

X. Update on the Current Regulatory State of Fintech in the EU (by Dr K P Follak)

This report reflects the views of the individual members and not necessarily those of any institutions with which they are affiliated.

Working session, 22 August 2018 (PDF, 130 KB)